Goodbye from 199A®

After 18 years in the game, we bring difficult tidings. Due to an unexpected yet rapid decline in Brisbane’s usual CBD ebbs and flows, we have been forced to look realistically at what the future would hold for us for the rest of 2024 and beyond.
199A® is our proudest moment. A store that pooled the talent of some of the most amazing people we know and were fortunate enough to work with. We’ve had the opportunity to use our collective experience and skills to execute a creative vision without compromise to the highest levels of our abilities. The realisation of a dream. To which we are so thankful and appreciative of having had the opportunity to do so, something so few get a chance to do. 
We see the light at the end of the tunnel for Brisbane, for us though we have decided that that light is too far away for us to hold out for.
We are sad to say that May 30 will be the last day of 199A®. We will be closing (for real this time). Online orders will continue through June.
We sincerely thank everyone that we have crossed paths with over almost 2 decades, through all the iterations of the store, through the parties. Thanks for supporting and giving us the space to create for so long. You have allowed us to push ourselves to the edges of what we thought possible.
Ben, Nick and the 199A® team ♥